It's pretty simple

We create commercial software products and custom projects for clients.

We work with clients worldwide on projects of all sizes and types - Charities in Florida, Corporations in New York, Startups in LA, Art Groups in London and almost everywhere in between.

Our software products are in use on thousands of sites and empower developers across the industry.

We do just three things - Consulting, Software and Training

Trusted Development Partner

We build on proven platforms like Craft and Laravel to find focused solutions to businesses' problems.

Working as development partner for the entire lifetime of projects, or as an on-demand consultancy for specific technical areas for development teams and agencies.

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional solutions and years of experience on projects from the very small to the truly massive.

We can help you today.

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Ever Evolving Software

Our Craft Plugins are available for developers for their client projects.

In active use on thousands of sites right now, we're helping charities take donations, training groups maintain subscriptions, data start-ups curate user content and so much more.

All our products are the result of development projects with clients, and are only the very tip of the iceberg. We have an ever expanding chest of tools we apply to projects every day.

We're exceptionally proud of our solid update schedule, and you can keep track of everything we release.

Need something that's not out the box?
Feature Requests and Custom Projects are our favorite

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Workshops, Conferences and Mentoring

We're all learning as we go, and an important part of what we do is sharing that back to the community.

Craft Work is our workshop series aimed at developers who already know their way around Craft and want to bring things to the next level. We've looked at structuring development for fast itterations, tuning performance, getting a mastery over Twig and so much more.

We're taking Craft Work on the road, with future dates to be announced. If you've got somewhere you'd love to see us come, get in touch!

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Who Are We?

SquareBit is the Development Shack of Joel Bradbury. That's who you'll deal with. That's who's working on things. No messing.

We've got a crack roster of (handsome, vibrant and often dashing) designers and developers we team up with for specific projects as the need arises. We keep things lean and only take on the projects that matter and really interest us. Find out more about SquareBit

Cream of the Crop Software

We release and avidly support plugins for Craft. Check out the full range or browse our tasting menu.

We release and update all our products on a fast schedule. View all 179 releases →