Guest Registrations, Self Service and more in Charge 2.1.0

Charge 2.1 is out right now.

This release adds a host of new features and improvements on to the base of Charge. They're some of the most requested features, and will really help you take your Craft builds even further. 

Here's some of the big new features in 2.1 :

Guest Registrations #

Building a paid membership site? Charge 2.1 has you covered. With the new Guest Registrations feature you can include a direct user registration flow right into your payment form.

Let guest's create their accounts at the same time as making payments. They can assign all the same details, including full Craft field support, and all the standard validation on the User model you'd expected.

As a bonus, any user's registered via the Charge payment form are also monitored and when their payment later reaches the end-of-life (e.g. is deleted by an admin, or a recurring payment expires) we'll suspend or remove their user account.

In the Charge > Settings > Guest Registration you can define exactly how you'd like the registration system to behave.

Pair it with Charge's Member Subscriptions for an amazingly powerful membership site, right out the box. Checkout the full Guest Registration reference.

Self Service #

In 2.1 we've exposed a new option for your users to self-service their recurring payments.

With just a few simple tags you can let your users cancel their recurring payments safely and securely, right from the front-end.

The same options are also available to site Admins in the backend, along with a new Refund option for each payment.

Improved Javascript Options #

We've reworked how the base javascript works to help you build more scalable sites with Charge!

In 2.1 you can now define your Stripe account's public key directly on the Charge form, via a simple data attribute called data-stripeKey. With that in place, your charge init statement is as simple as $(this).charge(); and we'll do all the rest.

Head over to the documentation to see the new options

Lots more too #

2.1 includes more than we can detail here. Checkout the full list of changes in the change log.

Plus - it doesn't stop here. We're already underway with development of Charge 2.2 - with a host of new feature coming too.

Get the most out of Charge by upgrading to Pro today!