Our Craft Plugins are moving!

20 April 2018 · By Joel Bradbury

Good news everyone! Top Shelf Craft has acquired all of our Craft Plugins.

This includes Charge, Search Plus and Shortlist. If you're involved in the Craft community in any way, you'll know how active and earnest Michael Rog is about being able to help. Our plugins, and customers will be in great hands.

When looking for a new home for our plugins, Michael made it clear from the very first conversation how important it was for him to be able to look after the existing customers and community. He'll be taking over all ongoing support and help, and I know he's got great things in store.

Do I need to do anything? #

Nope. It's all been handled for you. We've updated all the license checks, and migrated all the docs, and support. If you see anything out of place, just get in touch

What about Craft 3? #

Michael will be updating the plugins for Craft 3 - he's already updated his own plugins, and is already hard at work on the updates for these plugins. We can't speak for exact timelines, but keep an eye out over on his the Top Shelf Craft for specific updates.

What are you doing now? #

We're moving on from Craft & Plugin development. We still love Craft. It's superbly flexible, well built and the team at Pixel & Tonic are top notch. We can't recommend it enough.

Personally - I'm spending 105% of my time working on a startup called Previz. We're building an amazing real time 3D visualisation environment for events and production companies to power the next generation of events and up-end what's possible in the event production industry.

At it's core we're building on a Laravel backend, with a VueJs + ThreeJs front-end using an extensive (and public) api, (and a whole host of other tech to make it all run). We're pushing what's possible with VR, WebGL and so much more. It's by far the most complex, terrifying, unknowable and rewarding thing I've ever worked on.

If you've any questions, we're happy to help. You can contact us through support by emailing support@squarebit.co.uk. The new support email for Charge, Search Plus and Shortlist is support@topshelfcraft.com