Search Plus 1.1 is here - Hello Commerce Products!

Today we're releasing the first major update to Search Plus. We've added Commerce Product support, sped up indexing operations, improved content mapping, and added super-simple faceting control for your searches.

What's Search Plus? #

It's Algolia Search for Craft. If you've not already used Algolia you're missing out - it's search as a service, and it's fast, responsive, and amazingly powerful. If you're just starting out, there's also a Hacker Plan you can start using for free.

Hello Commerce Products #

Craft Commerce is the fully featured first-party e-commerce plugin for Craft. We've used it on lots of projects already, and it's shaping up really well.

Search Plus 1.1 adds support for Commerce Products. Using Search Plus with Craft Commerce lets you build out fully featured and responsive product search setups in moments. It'll really blow you away.

Indexing Speed #

With 1.1 we've completely revamped the way the underlying indexing works.

Now all base indexing uses a 3 step collect, map and upload process, all using Craft's task setup. The end results is a much more speedy indexing operation.

Clever Mapping #

Not only are the indexing operations quicker, the basic mapping handles more content on each element.

We've improved the basic mapping to now follow relationships down - so if you're using anything that has a relationship, you're covered. Categories, matrix fields, related users, assets, product variants all get fully parsed and included in the content mapping.

What about asset transforms? We've got you covered. For any assets associated with an element, we'll run through and (if possible) add the transformed data to the mapped content.

All the native field types are now cast to their respective types - lightswitches become booleans, number fields are numeric, etc.. This means later on, we can apply all sorts of clever logic with Algolia's search engine. It's really useful for things like price range sliders with Commerce Products.

In addition we're building out more general support for third party field types - if you see something you need handled just get in touch and we'll see what can be done to help.

Facet Controls #

Facet filtering is something that Algolia handles with ease. With 1.1 we've updated our helper javascript to help you setup your facets on your templates.

How simple can it be? This easy :

   facets : [type, brand, categories] 

Check out the full details on the setup. You'll be using facets within minutes.

Get it today #

Search Plus 1.1 is out today. It's completely free to start using, what are you waiting for?

Get Search Plus 1.1 →

Any Questions? Just get in touch. We're building out custom implementations and unusual setups with lots of groups, and are happy to help.