Search Plus is here!

Craft is awesome. Search is hard. Search Plus solves that problem. Go get it.

So what actually is this Search Plus thing and why would you want it?

Search Plus is Algolia search for Craft. Brilliantly simple, amazingly powerful, crazily fast search. #

Algolia is a SaaS for search, Search Plus maps and pushes and keeps all your Craft content in sync with Algolia's indexes so their magical search pixies turn our blobs of data into something truely remarkable.

Want to learn more about Algolia search? Checkout the Algolia documentation for a small idea of what's possible.

How much does this all cost? #

Search Plus comes in two flavours - free and pro.

Grab the latest version, and try out the Search Plus free version right now and have a go. The free edition has a few limitations on number of active indexes and items per index, but it's perfect for lighter content sites and trying out the plugin.

When you're ready to upgrade, you can grab the Pro version for just $99 per site license, and as a special offer for the 1.0, grab it now for just $79.

Where are we going with this? #

We're really happy with how the 1.0 has turned out, but we're not stopping here. We're building out support for mapping more Element Types, coming very soon we'll have Commerce Products and Order support, and more element types on the way after that.

Got a specific element type you need to see? Just get in touch, we'd love to help build out more use cases.

Go ahead, Try out Search Plus today - it's free and we know you'll love it.

Get Search Plus right now →