Charge 2.1.1 – Jul 29, 2016

  • Fixed a php error that would be thrown within the CP for some charges without subscriptions.

SearchPlus 1.1.4 – Jul 8, 2016

  • Fixed the free item population limit which should have been set to 250 items per index.

Charge 2.1.0 – Jul 6, 2016

  • New Guest Registrations! Guest registrations let you register users directly as part of your payment forms, including all their user fields. Also Charge will keep track of the user and automatically suspend or remove their account at the end of their charge's life. Pair with user subscriptions for really powerful membership sites.

  • New Self Service! With just a few simple tags your users can now self-service their recurring payment subscriptions. Give them new options to self-cancel their payments.

  • New - Admins can now refund payments direct from the Charge admin area.

  • New - Admins can now cancel recurring subscriptions from the Charge admin area.

  • New - specify your Stripe public key directly on your form markup via data-stripeKey attributes, instead of just in your init js.

  • Updated demo templates to use cleaner javascript options.

  • Updated the included javascript library for much cleaner setup to allow passing a config array.

  • Updated the wording of webhook setup in the CP

  • Updated the Charge Settings overview to include a more specific element setup reference.

  • Updated the Charge element setting handling to be more explicit in the required settings.

  • Updated the exception handling when dealing with action triggers to more cleanly fallback in error states.

  • Updated the self-truncation of charge logs to be much smoother.

  • Updated the default charge element view sort order so new Charges are at the top of the view.

  • Updated the Charge element view to with a new Status indicator, with appropriate dynamic language if the charge was one-off, recurring, refunded, cancelled, expired and more.

  • Updated various language and layout issues on the charge detail views.

  • Added a user model to the Charge model to allow neat validation and user attachments.

  • Added a Charge payment status enum.

  • Added support for Payment states.

  • Added new debug error log levels. Only logged when the site is in devMode.

  • Fixed a bug on the license check handling, and reverted an earlier regression.

  • Fixed the some situations that would cause issues with the Charge logs when running with a non default database table prefix.

  • Removed some unneeded element settings on the charge view for better consistency with Craft's default views.

SearchPlus 1.1.3 – Jun 29, 2016

  • Fixed a bug where valid license keys were being marked as invalid during the license checks.

SearchPlus 1.1.2 – Jun 22, 2016

  • Updated the population transfer to be less memory intensive to bypass memory issues on low memory servers, with large size individual items.

  • Updated the bundled composer libraries.

  • Fixed a bug where mapping nested elements that hit the max map depth would cause the parent item to be marked invalid because we were not resetting our depth counter properly.

  • Fixed a license check issue that would cause a valid license to sometimes fail to properly set the right state.

  • Fixed up the mapping system to explicitly clear out any left over mapped, but failed items when starting a new population task.

  • Fixed an issue where some non-entry elements would report themselves as entries during a delete action, and would incorrectly trigger a delete action from the indexes.

Charge 2.0.4 – Jun 1, 2016

  • Added a new example trigger to demo and test actions.

  • Added a new test log state

  • Updated logging on membership subscription actions to be more helpful.

  • Cleaned up some legacy functions in the webhook service.

  • Updated various CP template titles for better consistency.

  • Renamed success template to thanks to match the demo templates.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause recurring actions to fail to fire

  • Fixed a bug that would stop recurring emails on membership subscriptions from always triggering correctly.

  • Fixed a meta data issue on recurring payments. Meta data now is included on customers, as well as payments.

  • Fixed the color of the payment mode badge on the payment table in the Charge detail view.

Charge 2.0.3 – May 23, 2016

  • Added support for event->performAction = false to prevent any of the event hooks - onCharge, onBeforeCharge and onValidate from continuing

  • Added more useful error language and logging when the security event stops a payment submission. You'll now see a "Charge 403 PCI Keys" error for guests, and a more detailed explanation for admins.

  • Added support for third parties to specify a specific Stripe customer on a payment, in extension to how Charge detects a returning customer.

  • Updated the security event to also trigger a detailed log item.

  • Renamed the success demo template to thanks to match the default path setting

  • Updated some event log locations for better consistency.

  • Tweaks on some CP log styles.

  • Updated the bundled vendor package versions.

  • Fixed and reintroduced the onValidate event

  • Fixed a bug in how saved payment cards are handled and reused.

  • Fixed a possible conflict with a legacy guzzle library in one of the vendor packages

  • Fixed a bug in a legacy migration that would cause an update to fail.

Charge 2.0.2 – May 17, 2016

  • Added a safety trim on the Stripe keys. Charge will now try to tidy up your api keys before assignment if you include whitespace.

  • Updated the log table views with some visual tweaks and cleanup

  • Updated the handling of Connection validation calls to better work for test + live checks in the same call.

  • Updated the bundled demo templates to use the combined card expiry field vs. separate month and year inputs.

  • Fixed a bug in the migration for upgrades from early 2.0 beta versions

  • Fixed a bug in the available mode connection validation caching.

Charge 2.0.1 – May 13, 2016

  • Added support for custom fields to be added to the table view on Charges

  • Added support for planCoupon as a legacy alias for the coupon, also for all errors and validation logic

  • Fixed an error in the migration that'd cause some upgrades from some versions of 1.x to fail

  • Fixed the missing sub-nav sidebar when viewing the Charge settings page

  • Fixed an error on the charge model validation that would be thrown when used with custom validators

  • Fixed a missing onValidate event

Charge 2.0.0 – May 11, 2016

  • Charge 2 is here! 2.0 brings massively powerful new features, along with a completely rewritten core.

  • New License model - now available in Free and Pro versions

  • Emails - Charge can now send emails against charge events, recurring, failure, subscription start, end and more

  • Membership Subscription - build out membership sites with ease

  • Action Triggers - you can now specify extra actions to trigger after events, both immediately on success and against later events!

  • Secured Payment Options - specify all your payment options with fully secure and lock down your payment forms

  • Payment records - now Charge will keep track of all future payments against a Charge

  • Field Support on Charges - you can now add fields and unlimited content to Charges

  • Saved Cards support for all logged in users. Let your customers reuse their payment info with a single line in your templates

  • More Currencies - take payments in over 160 currencies, all on the same site

  • Stripe Checkout Support - get a payment page going in seconds with new Checkout support

  • Activity Logs - keep track of every actions and reaction on your site

  • Multi-Environment Config support - specify all your config keys in your config files for simple multi-enviroment support